Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Catching Up Again!

Well, I know I promised pictures of Super Girl in her Easter dress around Mother's Day, obviously that didn't happen, and I still don't have any pictures of her in it to show you! But, I do have some fun stuff to share.

My spring semester ended right before Mother's Day. I had 2 weeks of no school that I filled with sewing and house repair projects. If you want to see the sewing projects, visit my ETSY shop called Baby Town. I just started up with the summer semester this week. All of my classes are online, so I can stay home with the kids and only have to find babysitters when I have to go in for a test. Makes no sense to have an online class where you have to go to campus for tests...but whatever, I don't get paid the big bucks to run the school :( So far, the workload hasn't been too bad, although I had a scare with my College Algebra class' first homework assignment. But, I finally got it all figured out and am now merrily on my way to an "A" by August! (It can't hurt to put those good thoughts out into the universe, can it?:) I am also taking a history course and an english course.The english course is about folklore and doesn't start until midway through the semester. My history class has officially started,but I have yet to receive the book I ordered on MAY 15th! Getting a little bit desperate here! So I have only really done algebra this week, but I know it will get more intense as the semester progresses.

The kids get out of school TOMORROW! They are excited and bummed out at the same time. They both really like school, but they like the prospects of being able to go swimming and play all day with their friends, and have other adventures too. Super Boy just finished a school project about Neil Armstrong. The 5th grade students each get a person to research. They have to submit a paper, but the best part is the "Wax Museum". Each student dresses up as their assigned person,and then they come up with some sort of short quote they are famous for. Then each student puts a name card with their famous person's name on it, and draw a little button for students to press. Doing so will "animate" the wax statue and the students says their little phrase. It is pretty fun to watch. I took some pictures and a tiny video of Super Boy doing his. The video didn't start recording right away,so a bit of the phrase is missing,but I figured it was long enough to get the gist of it :)

Super Girl's class just had a little performance of songs about books. She was the star in "A mud puddle jumped on me". For some strange reason, I can't upload the video, so you will have to just trust me that it was cute.

Super Boy and Super Girl also participated in the school's dance performance. Each grade did a different dance and song based on the schools theme this year "Mission Possible". Super Girl's class did a cute dance to the song "Inspector Gadget" and Super Boy's class did "Squirrels in my pants". I'm thinking the "Squirrels in my pants" song is a stretch, but it is from Phineas and Ferb who often act like secret agents or spies...or maybe they just wanted to be silly! Anyway, here are the pictures of them in their outfits because, once again, I can''t upload the videos for some strange reason! UGH!!!

Well, that's going to be all for now.I will try to be better about posting more regularly, but I am not making any promises! Until next time...XOXO

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy New Year?

I just realized that this is my 1st post in 2013, so...happy new year? Life at our house has been a lot crazy...notice I didn't say "a little crazy"? I have been in school full time this semester...6 classes, 17 credits/units, and busy 24/7! I'm on spring break this week, so i thought it was a perfect time to write a catch up post! I still have a very long list of "To-Do"s for this week, so I will keep this post brief.

So, what have we been doing since the beginning of the year? In January, Tall Boy and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! And the kids went ice skating in our front yard!
In February, our family attended the annual Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner. We had an "Angry Birds" theme where everyone got to play real-life piggy-smashing games! Everyone had a great time. I was manning a game the whole time, so I don't have any pictures to share :(

So far in March, I have completed midterms, figured out my school schedule through graduation, and posted on my blog!!! Super Boy participated in a Knowledge Bowl competition (it's like Jeopardy for kids with teams and all the questions are centered on one giant subject...this year was "The Arts") and Super Girl has her very first wiggly tooth!

For this 1st day of Spring, I thought I would include a little riddle!

What do you get when you cross...
cotton pastel block flower pattern fabric...

white flannel fabric with flowery pink elephants and green turtles...
this pattern...

and 5 hours of my time?

The answer is...
Here's the front...
the back...

and being modeled by "Chunky"!!!
When Super Girl gets to wear it, I will take some pictures, but don't plan on them being posted until Mother's Day!

Well, that's all for now,my mile-long to-do list is calling my name! Hope you all are happy and healthy!XOXO